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              FCC part18 Electronic ballast manufacturer .Hydroponic/Greenhouse Grow lighting system supplier

              grow lighting system

              FCC part18 electronic ballast supplier ,Professional Grow lighting system supplier&manufacter for Hydroponics/Greenhouse

              HID(MH/HPS/CDM/CMH) Electronic Ballast,Reflector,Lamps

              FCC part18 electronic ballast For MH/HPS DE/SE

              FCC part18 test report (HID electronic ballast for USA market,hydroponic/greenhouse)

              • FCC Fart18 compliant

              FCC part 18

              FCC Part 18 is the section of Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations that provides the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) with authority to regulate industrial, scientific, and medical equipment (ISM) that emits electromagnetic energy on frequencies within the radio frequency spectrum in order to prevent harmful interference to authorized radio communication services. This part sets forth the conditions under which the equipment in question may be operated. The FCC Part 18 general technical requirements are as follows, ISM equipment shall be designed and constructed in accordance with good engineering practice with sufficient shielding and filtering to provide adequate suppression of emissions on frequencies outside the frequency bands specified in §18.301.

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